Thesis Supervision
  • Developing a Tablet Application to Assist Caretakers of People with Dementia Master thesis by Philip Hanke - WS18/19
  • Comparison of TextPursuits and 9-point calibration Bachelor thesis by Bill Bapisch - SS18
  • Extending and Evaluating SwiPIN for Authentication on Public Displays Master thesis by Ludwig Trotter - SS18
  • Implementation and Evaluation of a Student Management System Bachelor thesis by Felix Hamann - SS18
  • Using eye-tracking to automate page turning of digital music scores Bachelor thesis by Johannes Sylupp - SS18
  • Comparing Authentication Methods for Situated Displays
  • Bachelor thesis by Jens Le - WS17/18
  • Subtle Gaze Direction in Cinematic Virtual Reality Bachelor thesis by Felix Althammer - WS17/18
  • Guiding Users when Holding Mobile Devices Bachelor thesis by Andy Kr├╝ger - WS17/18
  • Exploring the honeypot effect in virtual public displays Master thesis by Chong Xiao - WS17/18
  • An Approach for Spontaneous Pursuits Calibration in the Real World Master thesis by Lukas Mecke - WS17/18
  • Exploring Human-drone proxemics Master thesis by Markus Friesenegger - WS17/18
  • Gaze-based authentication in VR Bachelor thesis by Andrea Ngao - WS17/18
  • Gaze VR: Gaze-based Interaction in Virtual Reality Master thesis by Carl Oechsner - SS17
  • Gaze-based Interaction for Multiple Users Master thesis by Linh Nguyenvo - SS17
  • Gaze-based Interaction in the Real World Master thesis by Katharina Sachmann - SS17
  • GazeDrone: Gaze-based Interaction with Drones Master thesis by Anna Kienle - WS16/17
  • FaceNews: Investigating the Use of Personalized Content on Public Displays Master thesis by Jon Maier - WS16/17
  • Investigating Attention in Virtual Reality by means of Eye Tracking Master thesis by Linan Xi - WS16/17
  • PhoneGaze: Gaze-based Interaciton on Mobile Devices Bachelor thesis by Thomas Mattusch - WS16/17
  • Investigating how Users Hold their Phones Bachelor thesis by Anita Baier - WS16/17
  • EyeSpot: Gaze-based Visual Privacy Protection on Mobile Devices Bachelor thesis by Martin Zürn - WS16/17
  • Eye Tracker Calibration for Public Displays Using Smooth Pursuits Master thesis by Ozan Saltuk - SS16
  • EyeScout: Active Gaze-Interaction on Large Displays Master thesis by Martin Reiss and Alexander Klimczack - SS16
  • Overcoming the Parallax Effect on Public Displays Master thesis by Tobias Thieron - SS16
  • Guiding Users in front of Public Displays Master thesis by Christian Becker - SS16
  • Authentication in Virtual Reality Bachelor thesis by Marinus Burger and Henri Schmidt - SS16
  • Supporting Eldery People In Using Mobile Phones Bachelor thesis by Oliver Dürr - SS16
  • EyeLock: Multimodal Authentication on Mobile Devices Bachelor thesis by Regina Hasholzner - WS15/16
  • EyeVote: Voting on Public Displays using Gaze Bachelor thesis by Katharina Stolz - WS15/16
  • Observing the Observer: Quantifying Shoulder Surfing Risks in the Wild Bachelor thesis by Eva Braß - SS15
  • Arabic reCAPTCHA: Outsourcing Arabic text digitization to native speakers Bachelor thesis by Menna Bakry - SS13
  • Overview of Image recognition tools for Egyptian Landmarks Bachelor thesis by Perihan Gad - SS13
Taught Courses
Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK. Since September 2018 (1 year, 2 months)
Computing Science 1P - Introductory Programming in Python (SS20)
Human Centred Security (SS19, SS20)
Research Associate at the University of Munich (LMU), Munich, Germany. November 2014 - September 2018
Authentication in the 21st century - An introduction to Usable Security (WS17/18)
Workshop on Persuasive Technologies (SS17)
Advanced Topics in HCI (SS15, SS16, SS17)
Advanced Seminar in Media Informatics (WS15/16, SS16, WS16/17, SS17, WS17/18, SS18)
Multimedia Programming (SS18)
Teaching & Research Assistant at the German University in Cairo (GUC) March 2012 - July 2013 (1 year 5 months)
DMET 601
Web Technologies & Usability (SS13, SS12)
CSEN 1001
Computer & Network Security (SS13)
BINF 701
Information Security (WS12)
DMET 501
Introduction to Media Engineering (WS12)
CSEN 404
Introduction to Computer Networks (SS12)
Junior Teaching Assistant at the German University in Cairo (GUC) September 2009 - June 2011 (1 year 9 months)
CSEN 603
Software Engineering (SS11)
CSEN 301
Data Structures & Algorithms (WS09)